Festival of Lights! Time for Hanukkah ✡

Happy almost Hanukkah! This year I wanted to make our home especially bright and cheerful. Hanukkah is a special holiday we celebrate to remember the struggle and challenges the Jewish people faced during the Maccabean Revolt, and how they came out stronger with their love and faith in G-d ♥ The miracle of Hanukkah is a reminder that no matter the difficulties we might come up against, there is light ahead of us!

I have acquired many of my decorations over the last few years; however, Target had wonderful options this year. A close friend of mine and myself also made the center piece for my table as a craft project!

Candle sticks, Center garland materials and Star of David ornaments from Michael’s craft store
Gold “Happy Hanukkah” sign from Target dollar section
Table cloth from Target for $20

Making the center piece garland for our table was so much fun and makes it sentimental ♥ The white frosted and champagne pinecone garlands org. $19.99 are on sale for $9.99, the navy Amaranthus stems org. $9.99 are on sale for $4.99, and the Star of David ornaments org. $11.99 are on sale for $5.99 all from Michael’s craft store.

“Happy Hanukkah” runner and candles from Target dollar section
Hanukkah Menorah from Target dollar section
Countdown Calendar, Star of David twinkle lights and chocolate gelt from Target dollar section. Hanukkah stoneware platter from Target for $15

I love checking the countdown to Hanukkah each morning while I make a cup of coffee ♥ It is fun idea for children too, they can count down the days to delicious foods and bright Hanukkah nights!

White Star of David plate and “Happy Hanukkah” runner from Target dollar section
Blue “I love you a latke” plate from Target dollar section
Dreidel banner and “peace love & miracles” plaque from Target dollar section for $
Dish towels from Target dollar section

Traditionally for Hanukkah we make something with an oil each night to symbolize the oil that miraculously burned for eight nights. Latkes are one of my favorite dishes to make for Hanukkah, it is a scrumptious food that you can make with friends and family. We make traditional potato latkes, but you can make various kinds; such as sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, butternut squash, be creative!

Blue moose from Target dollar section for $3
Menorah table runner from Target dollar section
Gold menorah twinkle lights from Target dollar section
Blue and silver leaves from Michael’s craft store
Beige and Navy pillow sham covers from Amazon for $12.99 & $11.99

Oreo approves of our new pillows!

Mensch on a Bench from Target $30
Navy “Love light & latkes” plate from Target dollar section

The mensch on a bench is perfect for kids, he comes with a cute story and is entertaining!

Outdoor Hanukkah banner from Amazon for $13.99

I hope everyone has a bright Happy Hanukkah and holiday season! Blessings to everyone ♥

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