Meet Ochesa!

Hi! I’ts so exciting to introduce myself to you ♥ I want to start by thanking you for getting to know me, I look forward to acquainting myself with each of you and sharing our experiences. Starting this blog I hope to share my knowledge and insight on fashion and beauty, while I share my journey through life and health.

I am 24 going on 25 this coming January! My Alma mater is The University of Florida, and my Bachelor’s is in Psychology. My husband (Sean) and I have a fur baby named Oreo, who is a black domestic short-hair. A few of my favorite hobbies include Disney, reading, makeup, gaming, and cooking. Makeup and fashion have always been a passion of mine. I remember how much enjoyment I got from back to school shopping with my mom; spending the whole day looking for clothes, shoes (my personal favorite), and accessories. Taking photos of the outfits I put together before school was a routine for my mom and I (not thinking anything would ever come of it), but I guess this was an indication of my future endeavors.

I recently asked my husband what he thought my “secret talent” was, and his response was writing. In college we would research and write many papers and I remember loving each one, being able to pour my thoughts onto the page. Recalling this I knew Sean was absolutely correct! I often joke “I guess I missed my calling as a writer!”, but it is never too late to pursue a goal or dream. Blogging is the perfect blend for me, I am able to combine my love for fashion & beauty with my passion of writing.

Starting ForeverForay I want it to be an expressive outlet, a place to share my style and personality, and inspire other women to express themselves. I have always been on the shy side, but as the years pass I continue to open up. My husband encourages me to be more vocal and unafraid of judgement.

The main goal I set for myself is to help others, that dream started with Doctor, then PA (Physicians Assistant), and finally a Psychologist. The path to this decision was not easy nor without challenges, and I will continue to face challenges, I may change my goals yet again, and this is acceptable. We are told young that we need to have our future mapped out by the end of high school, but this is a strange notion, seeing that we continue to change and grow our whole life. So, why do our dreams and goals from 18 need to remain the same a constant our whole life? They don’t, we are entitled to change our goal, add to it, or grow beyond it. In undergraduate school my experiences were exciting, gratifying, different, while also painful, disheartening, and sometimes upsetting. Nearing the end of my undergraduate time at UF I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, after seeing countless doctors over the years. While this left me in severe pain and I struggled to keep up with my many demanding classes, I never gave up. Once given my diagnosis I was faced with many realities that I battled with. Once I started my infusions and medications, I took time to recover mentally and psychically. During this time, I really considered what I wanted to do in life and I found that my goals and dreams I had once set were now shifted. Over the past two years I often reflected and wondered why I had to go through these experiences and trials? Now, I realize they were to make me stronger, braver, to push me harder towards my future. We do not have to choose between our dreams, it IS an option to have both or all! I want to help those in need, be an outlet for those struggling mentally and physically, and simply be a light to brighten your day.

So, now that you know me a little better and my journey so far, I cannot wait to share fun trends, nifty tips & tricks, life experiences and much more with you!

Love your friend, Chesa ♥

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